Juntas de dilatación para edificación

Building Blocks


Expansion joints system for floors, walls and ceilings.

Founded in 1920, MIGUA designs and manufactures expansion joints for floors, walls and ceilings, constantly evolving in innovation and quality.


Usually made of metal profiles and elastomer insert. For general indoor use, they usually have application where the traffic to be supported is basically pedestrian, although some models allow the passage of light vehicles. We can find them in Office Buildings, Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, etc …


Completely metal joints. Designed to withstand heavy loads. They will be used where the traffic is heavier and more intense (forklifts, pallet trucks, etc …) as we can find in Shopping Centers, Factories, Warehouses, Airports, etc …


Designed to solve cases where it is necessary to meet watertight requirements, for example in those buildings that are outdoors such as Parkings, Bus Stations, etc … and / or that under the joints, there is another construction in lower floors.